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>>2010 King Faisal International Science Prize

31 janvier 2009

2010 Invitation to nominate for SCIENCE PRIZE. The General Secretariat of King Faisal International Prize is pleased to announce nomination for the 2010 (1430H) Prize for Science in the topic :



1./ Nominations should be from universities, research centers and other learned circles. Nominations are also accepted from previous winners of King Faisal International Prize. Nominations are not accepted from individuals or political parties.

2./ Nominated works must be published, benefit mankind and enrich human knowledge.

3./ Dissertations are not accepted.


1./ An official letter of nomination for each nominee separately, adequately justifying the nomination and out-lining the nominee’s achievements in the prize field.

2./ A list of nominated works.

3./ A general information form filled by the nominee ; this form can be duplicated if more than one candidate is nominated.


1./ A typed curriculum vitae of each nominee with a list of his/her publications.

2./ One original or high quality photocopy of each nominated paper. The total number of nominated papers should not exceed 10.

3./ Six copies of each nominated book and/or book chapter. The total number of nominated books and/or book chapters should not exceed 6.

4./ One high resolution color photo of each nominee (l0x15cm).

Nomination documents and nominated works will not be returned


1./ A certificate written in Arabic calligraphy, describing the work for which the winner is awarded the Prize.

2./ A Commemorative 24-carat, 200-gram gold medallion.

3./ SR 750,000 (US$ 200,000).


1./ Nominations are judged exclusively on the basis of merit, regardless of nationality, race, religion or gender.

2./ Any nomination not fulfilling all conditions and requirements shall be excluded.

3./ More than one nominee may share the Prize.

4./ The decision of the Prize’s Selection Committee is final.

5./ Winners will be announced in January 2010 (Muharram 1431 H) and honored at an official ceremony later in Riyadh.

6./ All the required documents must be received no later than 6.5.1430H (May 1, 2009) to the following address.

The General Secretariat - King Faisal International Prize - Al-Khairia Building, King Fahd Road, P.O. Box 22476 Riyadh 11495 - Saudi Arabia

Tel : (+966-1) 465 2255 - Fax : (+966-1) 465 8685- E-mail : xsvcvasb@xss.pbz